Thank you so very much for not adding soy to your products! Most of my family is allergic to soy and finding food without it is so very difficult.It is so nice to have Polar Tuna again. THANK YOU!!!!!
Maggie, AZ
  I have purchased Polar Sliced Mango. It is delicious! It is the closest to fresh mango that we get when vacationing in Mexico. Thank you for your delicious mango.
Barbara, Unknown
  I just wanted to take the time to thank you for great products. My family is in love with Polar Fuji Apple Slices and when I found yours in a can I was so excited. Sometimes the fresh produce goes bad so I know I am not wasting my money when I buy your products. Everything we have tried has been great. Keep up the great work.
L.J., LA
  You have found the right blend of tomato sauce and sardines I have ever eaten. I had tasted many, many others but they cannot come close to the taste of Polar Sardines in Tomato Sauce has. Thank you very much for a great product.
Michael, NJ
  Just wanted to let you know that we enjoy your canned Mussels and Clams. My daughter and I have a can of Mussels or Clams on crackers and it is our special time together. We love them. You do have excellent products at a good price and we appreciate that very much.
Dave, MO
  I have viewed Polar a no-name brand and recently discovered that the quality of your products outshine some of the big name brands! Thank you for canning freshness in your fruits and tuna!
Barbara, IL
  Not only are the fruit preserves delicious, but I love the little jars they come in. The preserves are very tasty. Thanks for great-tasting products.
Doris & Joe, TX
  Your Mixed Fruit was exceptionally good. The Fruit is nice and firm, not soft or mushy, and it really tastes great. I will definitely buy more.
Richard, TX
  I love your seafood products; the oysters in particular are fantastic! With all of the ruckus about foreign countries adding chemicals to imported seafood really has consumers on their toes, but I have faith in Polar, I always have! I have all of my friend's servings Polar Oysters and Clams at “get-togethers” now with confidence. Thank you for caring about the consumer! Keep up the good work and I will continue to spread the word!
David, KY
  I've tried your brand of tuna for the first time and I was impressed. THE BEST TUNA EVER. How many times do you open a can of tuna and when draining the water from the can the lid goes half way or more into the can at which point you realize you've been jipped once again? Well, no longer do you need to feel that way. I've discovered a tuna brand that is amazing. When you drain the water the lid only goes down maybe 1/4 of the way. The tuna is so solid that you actually have to use a fork to break up the tuna to shred it a bit. The taste ... mucho goodo! Thank you for a great product.
Kevin, MI
  The strawberries and apples are the best ever! I am a very satisfied customer! Price, quality, taste, nutrition... it has it all! Thanks!
Tina, TN
  Oh my God! Your Baby clams are unbelievable! I finally found clams that are tender and soft and does not taste like metal, but taste like the ocean. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed them. It is so good to hear that a company takes the time to make the best quality. You have me now hooked for life!
Letizia, NJ
  I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your Marinated Artichokes. Your product makes recipes quick and easy to prepare.
Emily, Unknown
  I just want you to know that of all of the solid white albacore tuna that I have tried, yours is by far the BEST! Your company knows the meaning of “solid white albacore”. Keep up the good work!
Mary, MI
  Just discovered your fruit products in the last 6 months and have to tell you that they are absolutely the BEST!!! They taste like fresh picked fruit- wonderful!!! Thank you, keep up the good work!
Gloria, Unknown
  Thank you for making your jarred fruit! My son loves the taste of them and I love the variety you carry. They are a great value and I can get several servings out of one jar for him. Thank you for a great product!
Christina, MI
  I just want to tell you how much I love Polar Smoked Kipper Snacks and Polar Fancy Whole Smoked Oysters. I eat at least 2 cans a day and are something I just can't go without.
James, TN
  Polar's wild caught anchovies of all varieties have been a staple of our family's diet for about a year. We love them and are trying to eat more and more sustainable fish. We would love to see water packed polar sardines in the supermarket!
Matthew, NY
  OMG!!! I have been looking for tuna like yours forever! I came across Polar tuna. I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised! Big, flaky chunks that taste like tuna...I'm in love! You have a customer for life!
Joanne, Unknown
  Love your tuna so much. I think I'm an addict. Keep up the great work!
Shelby, GA
  I now refer to Polar Tuna as heavenly tuna. THE BEST TUNA EVER INDEED! No after taste, simply delicious. Thank you for taking pride in what you do.
Lori, TX
  This is the best tuna I have ever eaten! There is more in the can and it really is white. Very rare in other brands and less money. I'm going to stock up before every one finds out how good it is!
Joan, MI
  I have to tell you..“POLAR” brand Tuna Fish is the best in the world!! I mean that...I LOVE tuna and I have been eating Polar brand for about 5 years. I use to like the other brands a long time ago but...nothing can beat “POLAR” brand.
Linda, OH
  Polar Yellowfin canned tuna is absolutely the BEST!!! I have told so many people about it and I give cans to my friends to try. When it comes to canned tuna yours is the ONLY one we will purchase. Thank you for such a wonderful product.
Frannie, WA
  I tried your Polar Skinless & Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil and I am COMPLETELY HOOKED ON THEM! I have tried other brands but I seem to gravitate back and crave yours the most. I am happy to let you know that I enjoy your product greatly.
Carmine, CT
  Polar Peaches in Jars I could live on. When I eat these (they are like nothing I'm able to get anywhere else) they take me back to when my great-grandfather used to pick peaches off the trees in his yard during the hot late summer days and we would sit under the tree and eat it right then and there. Great memories, great times and great taste. Keep up with the great products!
Scott, NJ
  Great products! 5 stars all the way!
Melissa, MO
  My husband and 10 year old son absolutely love your smoked oysters. I would never think my son would like them but boy was I wrong. Thanks for making a wonderful product.
Dawn, PA
  I discovered Polar Jars of Fuji Apples Slices and Peach Slices. WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST BITE!
Dwayne, AL
  I tried your Herring Fillets in Hot Tomato Sauce and they are ausgezeichnet (excellent)! I love the product and hope to see more.
Joanne, WI
  Our family has enjoyed Polar Smoked Herring Kipper Snacks for the first time. The price was just right to enjoy some quality and they are great!
Tina, OK
  Polar Gourmet Mushrooms in Brine, needless to say they were super both in taste and texture. I have made recommended this to friends and they were just as pleased as I was.
Carmella, FL
  I thought I would try your Fuji Apple Pie Filling to make a apple cobbler. Let me tell you it was fabulous! My husband said it was the best apple cobbler he had ever had. Your brand is great-really enjoyed it.
Royce, TN
  Thanks for making such good preserves, they are the best!
Elsie, SC
  This is the bomb!!